Switching between panes

How to switch between the left and right panes of a split view depends on the mobile platform and the ergonomic standards of that platform.

Switching between panes by program

After creating the split view windows and starting the parallel dialogs to control them, the application program can switch between the left and right panes of a split view by selecting the corresponding window with the CURRENT WINDOW IS instruction.

Switching between panes on phone devices

On a mobile device (such as phones) that only displays one split view pane at the time, switching from the left pane to the right pane is handled automatically by the front-end.
Note: The ergonomics and rendering depend on the device's operating system.

When starting the application, the left-pane is displayed first. This pane typically uses a table view controlled by a DISPLAY ARRAY dialog.

On an iOS phone, consider using the ACCESSORYTYPE=DISCLOSUREINDICATOR in the DISPLAY ARRAY dialog of left-pane controllers.

If the end user taps on a row in the list of the left pane, the right pane is automatically shown. To avoid this implicit switch from the left to the right pane, define a DOUBLECLICK = action-name attribute in the DISPLAY ARRAY dialog, and bind this action to an ON ACTION handler which does not change the current window.

Once the right pane is displayed, the user can switch to the left pane:
  • On an Androidâ„¢ phone, press the physical back button.
  • On an iOS phone, press the back arrow on the top left of the window.
Important: This automatic "back to left panel" option is only possible if the dialog on the right side does not have a close, cancel or accept action defined. If one of these actions are defined, it will be attached to the back button, and that action will be executed when pressed.