The fglmkext tool compiles and links a user C Extension.


fglmkext [options] source.c [...]
  1. options are described in Table 1.
  2. source.c is a C source file implementing C extension functions.


Table 1. fglmkext options
Option Description
-V Displays version information.
-h Displays options for the tool.
-o libname Output file specification, defines the C Extension library name.


The fglmkext command line tool compiles and links a C Extension library.

The command can be used with a single source file, the name of the library will default to the name of the specified source:
fglmkext myext.c

If a single C source file is provided, it must define the usrFunctions C extension interface structure as well as the functions to be used from a BDL program.

In order to specify a library name, use the -o option, several C source files can also be specified. For example, on a UNIX platform:
fglmkext -o mycext.so module_a.c module_b.c