The fgllink tool assembles p-code modules produced with fglcomp into a .42r program or a .42x library.

Syntax 1: Create a 42x library

fgllink [options] -o outfile.42x
    { module.42m [...]
    | pattern
    | @argfile }
  1. options are described in Table 1.
  2. outfile.42x is the name of the library to be created.
  3. module.42m is a p-code module compiled with fglcomp.
  4. pattern is a MATCHES-style pattern to find files, like '[a-z]*.42m'.
  5. argfile defines a file that contains a list of .42m files. Each line must specify a filename or a pattern.



The fgllink command line tool links .42m p-code modules together to create a .42x library or a .42r program file.
fgllink -o myprog.42x module1.42m module2.42m lib1.42x
Note: fgllink is a wrapper calling fglrun with the -l option.