The fgldb tool is an interface program for remote debugging.

Syntax 1: Debugging an application running on the computer

fgldb -p process-id
  1. process-id is the process identifier of the fglrun process.

Syntax 2: Debugging an app running on a mobile device

fgldb -m host[:port] ]
  1. host is the hostname or IP address of the mobile device where the program executes.
  2. port is the TCP debug port number to connect to, default is 6400.


Table 1. fgldb options
Option Description
-V Displays version information.
-h Displays options for the tool.
-p process-id Attach to an fglrun process running on the same computer, by using its process id.
-m host[:port] Attach to a running mobile app to debug, using the mobile device hostname/IP and debug port.


The fgldb command line tool is an interface tool to attach to the FGL integrated debugger remotely.

The fgldb tool can be used to:

  • Debug an fglrun process currently running on the same computer, by using its process id. For more details, see Attaching to a running program.
  • Debug an application on a mobile device, by using the mobile device IP adress and its TCP debug port. For more details, see Debugging on a mobile device