Use the fglWrt tool to manage product licenses.

Detailed instructions for licensing with fglWrt can be found in the Install and License your Genero Products manual.


fglWrt { import-license [ import-options ] | [ options ] }
  1. The general options of the fglWrt command are described in Table 1.
  2. The import-license verb is used to import a license from another product installation. There are import-options specific to this command and these are described in Table 2.


Table 1. fglWrt options
Option Description
-h or --help Displays options for the tool.
-V or -version Displays version information.
--short-version Displays short version information.
-L license license_key [ maintenance_key | subscription_key ] Installs a temporary license (requires license number and license key).

For example, you can install an existing license on a new server on a temporary basis for 30 days. In that time, you validate the license with Four Js and install the Installation key (-k option) from the license validation.

--install-license-string license-string [ --auto ]

Install a license or update an installed license using the provided license string.

If --auto is provided, HTTP licensing is used (Internet connection is required).

-l license license_key [ maintenance_key | subscription_key ] Installs a license.

To escape when prompted to enter a license number and license key, type "stop" at the prompt.

-m option Maintenance key installation, possible options are:
  • key : Install a key directly.
  • auto : The key is automatically installed (Internet connection is required).
-u Check for active users.
-k option Installation key for license validation, possible options are:
  • key : Install a key directly.
  • auto : The key is automatically installed (Internet connection is required).
-d Remove current installed license.
--decode-license-string license-string Decode the license string and write the license string information to the standard out.
--encode-license-string [ license ] [license_key] [ maintenance_key | subscription_key ] [login ] Encode license information into a license string that is written to the standard out.
-i Clears the list of registered user sessions.
-a option Check or view options.

Here option can be one of the following:

  • info users : Shows information about registered active users.
  • info license : Shows license information.
  • cpu : Shows number of CPU in the computer.
  • up : Shows if license server is up and responding.
  • ps : Shows processes on this machine.
  • env : Shows current environment
  • hostname : Shows name of this machine.
-x or -kill-session pid Clears the session referenced by the specified pid.
--batch action=command Performs the specified action in batch mode.
Here command can be one of the following:
  • target-info (Get operating system information)
  • lm-info (Get license manager information)
  • product-info (Get license controller information)
  • license-info (Get license information)
  • install-license^lnum=license_num^lkey=license_key
  • uninstall-license
  • install-mkey^mkey=[ maintenance_key | subscription_key ]
  • install-mkey-http^login=username^proxy=http://myproxy^proxy-port=port-number^proxy-user=proxy-user^proxy-passwd=proxy-password
  • install-ikey^ikey=installation_key
  • install-ikey-http^user=username^proxy=http://myproxy^proxy-user=proxy-user^proxy-passwd=proxy-password

    The caret character (^) is used for parsing. There is no space allowed before or after the caret.

    In Windows® the caret is also used to escape special characters. To escape it, you may need to double (^^) it up.
    fglWrt --batch action=install-mkey^^mkey=maintenance_key
--batch-console action=command Opens fglWrt in console mode for the batch commands.
C:\fgl>fglwrt --batch-console
$  action=product-info
  "product": "fglWrt",
  "version": "6.00.06",
  "wrtminver": "6.00.00",
  "build": "202106071541",
  "git-rev": "22c59c4",
  "target": "w64v141",
  "status": 0,
  "status-msg": "Success."
The output is JSON formatted. You can enable / disable indentation on the output. The default is indented. To quit the console type exit. Type help for instructions on its use.

Force log rotation. You can force a log rotation even while log files are in use.

Table 2. fglWrt import-license command options
Option Description
-h or --help

Display help for the command.

--from installation_directory

Specify the product installation directory the license is to be moved from.

--license license_num

Specify the license number if --from is a Four Js License Manager installation.


The fglWrt command line tool is used to install, upgrade or delete licenses.

If no license is installed, it is not possible to use Genero Business Development Language.