Prints an XML formatted row of data in a report, with an additional identifier for XML outputs.


PRINTX [NAME = identifier] expression
  1. identifier is the name to be used in the XML node.
  2. expression is any legal language expression.


The PRINTX statement is similar to PRINT, except that when XML is produced by the report, the XML print element will be named as specified. If the NAME clause is omitted or the report is run in non-XML mode, then PRINTX does exactly the same as PRINT.

To generate XML output, you must redirect the report output into a SAX document handler with the TO XML HANDLER clause of START REPORT:
START REPORT orders_report
   TO XML HANDLER om.XmlWriter.createFileWriter("orders.xml")

When using XML output, BYTE values are converted to Base64 before they are printed with the PRINTX instruction.


REPORT (fname, lname, ...)
  DEFINE fname VARCHAR(20),
         lname VARCHAR(20)
       PRINTX NAME=customer fname, lname
With the above code, the variable names will appear in the graphical report designer as "customer.fname" and "customer.lname".