Defines the printing commands for the top of all pages of a report.

This control block is executed whenever a new page is added to the report. The PAGE HEADER control block specifies the action that the runtime takes before it begins processing each page of the report. It can specify what information, if any, appears at the top of each new page of output from the report.

The TOP MARGIN specification (in the OUTPUT section) affects how many blank lines appear above the output produced by statements in the PAGE HEADER control block.

You can use the PAGENO operator in a PRINT statement within a PAGE HEADER control block to automatically display the current page number at the top of every page.

The FIRST PAGE HEADER control block overrides this control block on the first page of a report.

New group values can appear in the PAGE HEADER control block when this control block is executed after a simultaneous end-of-group and end-of-page situation.

The runtime system delays the processing of the PAGE HEADER control block until it encounters the first PRINT, SKIP, or NEED statement in the ON EVERY ROW, BEFORE GROUP OF, or AFTER GROUP OF control block. This order guarantees that any group columns printed in the PAGE HEADER control block have the same values as the columns printed in the ON EVERY ROW control block.


The restrictions that apply to FIRST PAGE HEADER also apply to PAGE HEADER.