Calculates the minimum value of a report parameter based on a condition.


[GROUP] MIN(expression) [ WHERE condition]
  1. expression is the expression to be computed.
  2. condition is a boolean expression evaluated to compute the aggregate value.


For number, currency, and interval values, MIN(expression) aggregate report instruction returns the minimum value for expression among all records or among records qualified by the WHERE clause and any GROUP specification.

For DATETIME or DATE data values, greater than means later and less than means earlier in time. Character strings are sorted depending on their first character. If your program is executed in the default (U.S. English) locale, for character data types, greater than means after in the ASCII collating sequence, where a> A> 1, and less than means before in the ASCII sequence, where 1< A< a.

Using the GROUP keyword causes the aggregate instructions to include only data of the current group of records that have the same value for the variable that you specify in the AFTER GROUP OF control block.

Input records for which the expression evaluates to NULL values are ignored.

By default, if all input record values are NULL, the result of the aggregate is NULL. However, you can control this behavior and force the runtime system to return zero instead of NULL with the report.aggregateZero FGLPROFILE parameter.

This aggregate instruction makes a two-pass report when not using the GROUP keyword and is used in any control block other than ON LAST ROW.