The IMPORT JAVA instruction imports Java module elements.


IMPORT JAVA [ packagename . [...] ] classname
  1. packagename and classname define the Java class to be imported.


The IMPORT JAVA instruction can be used to import a Java class.

At runtime, the imported Java classes are only loaded on demand, when the program flow reaches an instruction that uses the class. For example, when reaching the declaration of a variable defined to reference an object of a Java class.

The name specified after the IMPORT JAVA instruction is case-sensitive.

The CLASSPATH environment variable defines the directories for Java packages. See the Java documentation for more details.

To mimic the Java import rules, the fglcomp compiler allows subsequent IMPORT JAVA instructions with the same class name. However, it is recommended that you avoid duplicating the same IMPORT JAVA instructions:
IMPORT JAVA java.util.regex.Matcher
IMPORT JAVA java.util.regex.Matcher