Mixing IMPORT FGL and .42r linking

Traditional linking is still supported for backward compatibility, and canbe mixed with IMPORT FGL method.

To ease migration from traditional linking to imported modules, you can mix IMPORT FGL usage with fgllink/fglrun -l.

By default, even when IMPORT FGL is used, fglcomp does not raise an error, if a referenced function is not found in the imported modules. This is mandatory to compile the 42m file to be linked later with the module defining the missing function.

Use the fglcomp -W implicit or the --resolve-calls options, to check that all symbols are resolved with a corresponding IMPORT FGL instruction.

When the -W implicit option is used , fglcomp will print warning -8406 for any referenced function that cannot be found in an imported module.

The -W implicit option is to be used when migrating linked modules to a solution where module dependency is only based on IMPORT FGL.

To enable strict symbol resolution by the compiler, use the --resolve-calls option. This option will force the compiler to check all function symbols referenced in a module, and raise error -8406, if a symbol is not found in the imported modules.

The --resolve-calls option should be used to compile programs that are only based on IMPORT FGL and no longer use the link phase.

For more details about the linker, see Linking programs.