Font weights

Use the fontWeight style attribute to define the aspect of a font.


{ black
| bold
| book
| condensed
| condensedbold
| condensedlight
| demibold
| extrablack
| heavy
| light
| medium
| normal
| regular
| semibold
| thin


The availability of the weight depends on the chosen font family. For example, if the font family is defined as AmericanTypewriter, and the front-end platform supports the following set of font names (for this font family): AmericanTypewriter, AmericanTypewriter-Light, AmericanTypewriter-Bold, AmericanTypewriter-CondensedLight, AmericanTypewriter-CondensedBold, AmericanTypewriter-Condensed, you can only use the condensed, light and bold font weights.

Before using a font weight, make sure that the target platform supports the value. For example, on "Androidâ„¢ devices, only normal and bold are supported.


<StyleAttribute name="fontWeight" value="bold" />