Font sizes

Use the fontSize style attribute to influence the size of a font.


{ generic-size | pointspt | sizeem }
  1. generic-size is one of the generic font size names (such as 'small' or 'xx-large) listed in Table 1.
  2. points defines an absolute size in points. Specify a number followed immediately by pt, for example, 3pt.
  3. size defines relative size. Specify a number followed immediately by em, for example, 3em.


Specify either a generic font size, an absolute size in points with the "pt" unit, or a relative size with the "em" unit.

Absolute sizes (using the "pt" suffix) define a font size in physical points. Physical points are much like pixels, in that they are fixed-size units and cannot scale in size. For example, on HTML pages using CSS styles, one point is equal to 1/72 of an inch.

Relative sizes (using the "em" suffix) define a font size in a scalable size unit that adapts to the front-end platform, where one "em" unit results in the same size as the size of the default font on the platform. For example, if the size of the platform default font is 16 points, 1em = 16pt, 2em = 32pt, etc.

Generic font sizes are interpreted by the front-end depending on the graphical capability of the platform.

Note: Use generic font sizes such as medium, large, small, or sizes relative to the user-chosen font (using em units), rather than absolute point values. In an HTML browser you can choose two fonts (proportional/fixed), and a well-designed document does not use more than 2 fonts. This is also valid for applications.
Table 1. Generic font sizes
Generic font size name Definition
xx-small Tiny font size
x-small Extra-small font size
small Small font size
medium Medium font size
large Large font size
x-large Extra-large font size
xx-large Huge font size

You can also specify an absolute font size, by giving a numeric value followed by the units such as pt or em:


<StyleAttribute name="fontSize" value="medium" />
<StyleAttribute name="fontSize" value="xx-large" />
<StyleAttribute name="fontSize" value="12pt" />
<StyleAttribute name="fontSize" value="1em" />