Syntax of presentation styles file (.4st)

A .4st presentation styles file is an XML file defining style attributes to be applied by front-ends.

Syntax (.4st)

  <Style name="style-identifier" >
    <StyleAttribute name="attribute-name" value="attribute-value" />
where style-identifier is:
{ [ element-type ] [ .style-name ] [ :pseudo-selector ]
| *
and where pseudo-selector is one of:
{ focus | inactive | active
| query | display | input
| even | odd
| message | error | summaryLine
  1. element-type is the type of the AUI tree element, such as Edit, Window. See also Element types.
  2. style-name is an explicit style name, that can be referenced in STYLE attributes of form items.
  3. pseudo-selector indicates in what context the style should apply. See also Pseudo selectors.
  4. attribute-name defines the name of the style attribute.
  5. attribute-value defines the value to be assigned to attribute-name.

Syntax of attribute values

Presentation style attribute values are always specified as strings, for example:
<StyleAttribute name="fontFamily" value="Serif" />

Numeric values must be specified in quotes:

<StyleAttribute name="completionTimeout" value="60" />
Boolean values must be specified with the values "yes" or "no":
<StyleAttribute name="forceDefaultSettings" value="yes" />
Note: For backward compatibility, the values 0/1 and true/false are supported by some front-ends. Use exclusively the yes/no values.