Running applications from a war file

Applications packaged in a Java Web Archive (war) file and deployed in any existing Java Enterprise Edition container such as Apache Tomcat, Jetty, or Glassfish can be run in a browser.

Starting applications from a browser

If, for example, your MyGeneroJavaApps.war file contains two Web application, one called HelloWorld and another called MyApp, the URL requests to launch them then from the browser would look like this:

The base URL in the context of the J2EE server is http://server:port/war_file_name. If you type the base URL in a browser, you get an overview page where you can then access all applications and services published in your war file.

Getting Web Services WSDLs

To request the Web Services Descriptive Language (WSDL) of a Web service called MyWebService deployed in the MyGeneroJavaApps.war, the URL must look like this: