Character string operators

Character string operators allow you to work with and manipulate character strings.

Table 1. Character string operators
Operator Description
ASCII() The ASCII() operator produces an ASCII character.
COLUMN The COLUMN operator generates blanks.
Concatenate (||) The || operator makes a string concatenation.
Substring ([s,e]) The [] (square brackets) extract a substring.
USING The USING operator converts date and numeric values to a string based on a formatting mask.
CLIPPED The CLIPPED operator removes trailing blank spaces (ASCII 32) of a string expression.
ORD() The ORD() operator returns the code point of a character in the current locale.
SPACES The SPACES operator returns a character string with blanks.
LSTR() The LSTR() operator returns a localized string.
SFMT() The SFMT() operator replaces place holders in a string with values.