TEXT and BYTE (LOB) types


Informix provides the TEXT, BYTE, CLOB and BLOB data types to store very large texts or binary data.

Legacy Informix 4GL applications typically use the TEXT and BYTE types.

Genero BDL does not support the Informix CLOB and BLOB types.


ORACLE provides CLOB, BLOB, and BFILE data types to store large text and binary data.

The ORACLE large object types are similar to Informix LOB types.


The ORACLE database interface can convert BDL TEXT data to ORACLE CLOB and BYTE data to ORACLE BLOB.

Genero TEXT/BYTE program variables have a limit of 2 gigabytes. Make sure that the large object data does not exceed this limit.

The ORACLE BFILE type is not supported by Genero BDL.

The TEXT and BYTE types translation can be controlled with the following FGLPROFILE entries:
dbi.database.dsname.ifxemul.datatype.text = { true | false }
dbi.database.dsname.ifxemul.datatype.byte = { true | false }
For more details see IBM Informix emulation parameters in FGLPROFILE.