Database users


Until version 11.70.xC2, Informix database users must be created at the operating system level and must be members of the 'informix' group.

Starting with 11.70.xC2, Informix supports database-only users with the CREATE USER instruction, as in most other db servers.

Any database user must have sufficient privileges to connect and use resources of the database; user rights are defined with the GRANT command.

Microsoft™ SQL Server

Before a user can access an SQL Server database, the system administrator (SA) must add the user's login to the SQL Server Login list and add a user name for that database. The user name is a name that is assigned to a login ID for the purpose of allowing that user to access a specified database. Database users are members of a user group; the default group is 'public'.

Microsoft SQL Server offers two authentication modes:
  1. The SQL Server authentication mode, which requires a login name and a password
  2. The Windows authentication mode, which uses the security mechanisms within Windows when validating login connections. With this mode, user do not have to enter a login ID and password - their login information is taken directly from the network connection.


Both SQL Server and Windows authentication methods can be used to allow BDL program users to connect to Microsoft SQL Server and access a specific database.

If you don't specify the USER/USING clause in the CONNECT TO instruction, operating system authentication takes place.

See SQL Server documentation for more details on database logins and users.