Color and theming

Mobile applications must follow the platform colors and theming.

User interface design on mobile devices

Genero BDL provides several ways to define colors and styles for a mobile app. This section introduces features that can be used to customize your mobile app and adapt to the target platform user interface design. As a general rule, avoid using non-standard ergonomics and decorations, use defaults to let Genero render your forms depending on the platform standards. For example, the GMA front-end will use Google Material Design on Androidâ„¢ devices.

Defining TTF icon colors

By default, TTF icons get the color of the platform theme. A default color can be defined for all TTF icons of a window with the defaultTTFColor style attribute. In order to define a color for a specific icon, add an #RGB color specification in your image to font glyph mapping file.

For more details, see Using a simple image name (centralized icons)

App color theme on Android

Android apps can be created with a specific color theme following the Google Material Design.

When building the APK with the gmabuildtool, you can specify the general app colors with the --build-app-colors option.

For more details, see Define app's color theme.