App localization

Mobile apps can be designed to display localized texts based on the language selected on the device.

Application locale definition

Make sure that your application locale is defined properly for development and deployment environments.

With Genero mobile applications, the application locale must be UTF-8.

For more details, see Quickstart guide for locale settings.

Using localized strings

Localized string files (.42s) must be deployed in directories matching the language identifiers (en for English, zh_TW for simplified Chinese, etc), beside the program module.

Default string files can be provided in APPDIR/defaults as fallback directory, if the current mobile language does not match one of the language-specific directories provided by the application.

The list of .42s files required by the application must be defined in the unique fglprofile configuration file located beside the program module of your application.

For more details, see Localized string files on mobile devices and Deploying mobile apps.

Querying user's preferred language

The application can get the user's preferred language and regional settings as configured on the mobile device, by using the standard.feInfo front call with the userPreferredLang argument.

For more details, see User's preferred language and standard.feInfo.