Environment variables

You may need to set environment variables for your app.

Automatic environment variables

When executing on a mobile device:

  • DBDATE defaults to the regional settings defined on the device.
  • FGLAPPDIR is automatically defined to the application directory (appdir).

Set environment variables

Setting environment variables for your app must be done in an fglprofile file. This fglprofile file must be located in the appdir directory, beside the main program module.

To add an environment variable for your mobile app, use the following syntax:

Any existing environment variable setting is overwritten by the value set (using mobile.environment.envvarname) in the fglprofile file.

For more details, see Setting environment variables in FGLPROFILE (mobile).

Environment variables set in an FGLPROFILE file are only read when the deployed application runs on the mobile device. They are not read during development mode (that is when the VM runs on the development machine and the mobile client displays on the device). The FGLPROFILE environment variable settings are only for the VM component and are ignored by the GMA/GMI front-end component.