Using message files at runtime

In order to use compiled message files (.iem) in programs, specify the current message file with the OPTIONS HELP FILE command:
OPTIONS HELP FILE "mymessages.iem"

The message file provided in the OPTIONS HELP FILE command is searched for in several directories, as described in the FGLRESOURCEPATH reference topic.

After the message file is defined, you can start the help viewer by calling the SHOWHELP() function:
CALL showhelp(1242)
Use the HELP clause in a dialog instruction such as INPUT to define particular message number for that the dialog:

The help viewer will automatically display the message text corresponding to the number when the user presses the help key. By default, the help key is Ctrl-W in TUI mode and F1 in GUI mode.

Note that you can implement your own help viewer by overloading the SHOWHELP() function defined in $FGLDIR/src/fglhelp.4gl. This allows you to customize the help system for your application.