Right-to-left languages support

Genero supports right-to-left languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew.

Right-to-left mode

For specific front-end clients, Genero supports right-to-left languages with the reverse mode. With reverse mode, all forms are mirrored and the text direction changes to right-to-left, for display and input.

The reverse mode is enabled at runtime. The same form files are used to display in the default left-to-right and right-to-left mode.

Right-to-left display is implicit on mobile devices. It is enabled depending on language settings on the device.

Application locale

Reverse mode is used with an application locale that defines a language written from right to left.

For example, for Arabic support on a Linux® platform, you can use the following LC_ALL value when using the ISO-8859-6 codeset:
$ export LC_ALL=ar_DZ.iso88596

Reverse mode configuration

To enable reverse mode, set the reverse style attribute for the UserInterface class to "yes" in your .4st file:
  <Style name="UserInterface">
     <StyleAttribute name="reverse" value="yes" />