The user interface

The Genero user interface technology is based on the sharing of an abstract representation between the runtime system and the front-end.

When a program starts, the runtime system creates the abstract user interface (AUI) tree and passes this tree to the front-end. The front-end renders the abstract element as real graphical objects on the workstation.

When an interaction statement takes control of the application, the tree on the front-end is automatically synchronized with the runtime system tree. Runtime system and front-ends communicate with the front end protocol, through the computer network. The AUI tree and the protocol are using XML standards.

Figure: AUI tree synchronization

AUI tree synchronization diagram

Resource files describe the appearance (decoration) of some of the graphic objects. Default resource files (default.4ad, default.4st) are provided and can be customized, or replaced with your own versions.

The elements of the AUI tree can be manipulated at runtime with built-in utilities.