Overview of Genero BDL

Genero Business Development Language (BDL) is a program language designed to write an interactive database application.

A Genero BDL application is a set of programs that handle the interaction between a user and a database. Programs communicate with the database server with Structured Query Language (SQL), and execute interactive instruction controlling application forms, to manage user input.

Figure: Interactive database applications with Genero

Interactive database application diagram

An important feature of the language is the ease with which you can design applications that allow the user to access and modify data in a database. The language syntax includes a set of SQL statements to manipulate the database, powerful interactive instructions that provide simple record input, read-only and read-write record list handling, as well as database query to search the database, by using forms supporting a large variety of graphical widgets.

The program sources are compiled to p-code modules, which can be interpreted on different platforms by the Dynamic Virtual Machine (the Runtime system).