Genero Mobile Android front calls

This section describes front calls specific to the Androidâ„¢ platform.

This table shows the functions implemented by the Android front-end in the "android" module.

Table 1. Android specific front-end functions
Function Name Description
  [permission], [result])
Ask the user to enable a dangerous feature on the Android device.
ui.Interface.frontCall("android", "showAbout",
Shows the GMA about box displaying version information.
ui.Interface.frontCall("android", "showSettings", [], [])
Shows the GMA settings box controlling debug options.
  [action, data, category, type, component, extras],
Starts an external Android application (activity), and returns to the GMA application immediately.
ui.Interface.frontCall("android", "startActivityForResult",
  [action, data, category, type, component, extras],
  [outdata, outextras])
Starts an external application (Android activity) and waits until the activity is closed.