CANCEL DELETE instruction




In a list controlled by an INPUT ARRAY, row deletion can be canceled by using the CANCEL DELETE instruction in the BEFORE DELETE block. Using this instruction in a different place will generate a compilation error.

When the CANCEL DELETE instruction is executed, the current BEFORE DELETE block is terminated without any other trigger execution (no BEFORE ROW or BEFORE FIELD is executed), and the program execution continues in the user event loop.

You can, for example, prevent row deletion based on some condition:

      IF user_can_delete() == FALSE THEN
         ERROR "You are not allowed to delete rows"
      END IF

The instructions that appear after CANCEL DELETE will be skipped.

If the row deletion condition is known before the delete action occurs, disable the delete action to prevent the user from performing a delete row action with the DIALOG.setActionActive() method:

   CALL DIALOG.setActionActive("delete", FALSE)

It is also possible to prevent the user from deleting rows with the DELETE ROW = FALSE option in the ATTRIBUTE clause.