SQL Server (MS ODBC) specific FGLPROFILE parameters


Connection timeout (in seconds).

dbi.database.stores.snc.logintime = 5

Set this parameter to raise an SQL error if the connection can not be established after the given number of seconds.

The default is 5 seconds.


Maximum number of rows to be pre-fetched.

dbi.database.stores.snc.prefetch.rows = 50

Use this parameter to increase performance by defining the maximum number of rows to be fetched into the db client buffer. However, the bigger this parameter is, the more memory is used by each program.

The default is 10 rows.


Control single-char / wide-char mode usage for character string data.

Only set the snc.widechar parameter to false, if you use char/varchar/text columns in the database, and the application locale is a multibyte character set (such as BIG5).

dbi.database.stores.snc.widechar = false
By default, the SNC driver will select the expected char mode, depending on the current application locale (LANG/LC_ALL):
  • In wide char mode, the SNC driver uses SQLWCHAR ODBC API functions, by converting the character data from the current locale to UCS/2, it will add the N prefix before string literals, and will bind SQL parameters with SQL_C_WCHAR and SQL_WCHAR/SQL_WVARCHAR types.
  • In single char mode, the SNC driver will pass the character strings without conversion to "ASCII" ODBC API functions, it will leave the string literals (without adding the N prefix) and bind character string parameters with SQL_C_CHAR and SQL_CHAR/SQL_VARCHAR SQL types.

For more details, see also SQL Server Adaptation Guide: CHARACTER data types.