Dameng specific FGLPROFILE parameters


Name of the database schema to be selected after connection is established.

dbi.database.stores.dmg.schema = "store2"

Set this parameter to a specific schema in order to share the same table with all users.


Defines the tablespace to be used for temporary table emulation.

dbi.database.stores.dmg.temptables.tablespace = "mytemptabs"

By default, the driver uses the TEMPTABS tablespace. The tablespace specified in the dmg.temptables.tablespace entry must be a permanent tablespace.

For more details, refer to Temporary tables.


SQL command (SELECT) to generate a unique session id (used for temp table names).

dbi.database.stores.dmg.sid.command = "SELECT my_unique_id() FROM dual"

By default, the driver uses "SELECT SYS_CONTEXT('USERENV','SESSIONID')||'_'||TO_CHAR(SYSTIMESTAMP,'FF') FROM dual".

This parameter gives you the freedom to provide your own way to generate a unique id.

The SELECT statement must return a single row with one single column.

For more details, refer to Temporary tables.