Syntax of the code coverage tool

The code coverage tool is enabled by setting the FGLCOV environment variable.

Enabling coverage data generation

To collect coverage data while executing programs, you must set the FGLCOV environment variable to a value different from zero:
$ export FGLCOV=1

Merging coverage data files and source files

After producing coverage data files, these must be merged with source files by using the fglrun --merge-cov command:
fglrun --merge-cov name.4gl [name.42m.cov]

Specify the path to the .42m.cov file, if this file and the corresponding .42m file are not located in the same directory as the .4gl source file.

Interpreting coverage indicators and execution counts

In the .4gl.cov result file, each source line gets a counting indicator, that must be interpreted as follows:
  • num (a number): The line was executed num times.
  • - (hyphen-minus): The line is not reachable.
  • ===== : The line is reachable, but has never been executed.