Presentation styles changes

Modifications to consider when using presentation styles.

scaleIcon supports nnpx

Starting with GBC 4.01.00, the scaleIcon attribute value can be defined with "px" unit, to specify a number of pixels.

For more details, see scaleIcon.

New Window.topmenuDesktopRendering and Window.topmenuMobileRendering style attributes

Starting with GBC 4.01.05, the topmenuDesktopRendering and topmenuMobileRendering style attributes for Window objects can be used to control the rendering of topmenus.

For more details, see topmenuDesktopRendering and topmenuMobileRendering style attributes reference page, and Understanding topmenus.

defaultTTFColor applies to any type of form element

Starting with GBC 4.01.06, the defaultTTFColor style attribute becomes a common style attribute that can be specified for any kind of form elements. Before GBC 4.01.06, the defaultTTFColor style attribute could only be specified for the Window element.

For more details, see defaultTTFColor.

New defaults for navigationDots and navigationArrows

Starting with GBC 4.01.08, the defaults for navigationDots / navigationArrows style attributes for HBOX and VBOX no longer depend on the front-end platform type (desktop vs mobile), nor do they depend on the use of NOSWIPE attribute.

For more details, see HBox style attributes, VBox style attributes.

resizeFillsEmptySpace attribute is again supported

Starting with GBC 4.01.10, the resizeFillsEmptySpace attribute – which had been desupported in version 4.00 – is once again supported for TABLE and TREE.

See table.resizeFillsEmptySpace, tree.resizeFillsEmptySpace.

packed attribute for HBOX and VBOX

Starting with GBC 4.01.14, the new packed style attribute is available for HBOX and VBOX containers, to pack the children elements to the origin of the box.

See packed.

New windowType value modalOnLargeScreen

Starting with GBC 4.01.15, the window style attribute windowType accepts a new value "modalOnLargeScreen", to indicate that the window must be displayed as "modal" (aka popup) on screens with a size that matches the @LARGE size modifier of form definition attributes (.per), or as "normal" for smaller window sizes.

For more details, refer to windowType.

New rowAspect attribute

Starting with GBC 4.01.21, a new style attribute named rowAspect can be defined to "list", in order to get Material Design list rendering for:
  • A TABLE with FLIPPED attribute in action.
  • A SCROLLGRID with WANTFIXEDPAGESIZE=NO (applies also when customWidget style attribute is set to "pagedScrollGrid")

For more details, see Table.rowAspect, ScrollGrid.rowAspect.

New position attribute for ToolBars

Starting with GBC 4.01.21, the new position style attribute can be used to display toolbars individually at the top or bottom of the window, in the chromebar, or to hide the toolbar completely.

This new position style attribute of ToolBar elements overwrites the Window style attribute toolbarPosition.

For more details, see position.

Deprecated style attributes

The following style attributes are deprecated:
  • No deprecated style attributes in this version.

Desupported style attributes

The following style attributes are desupported:
  • No desupported style attributes in this version.

Changes in earlier versions

Make sure to check the upgrade notes of earlier versions, to not miss changes introduced in maintenance releases. For more details, see Presentation style changes in BDL 4.00.

Notable changes introduced in maintenance releases:
  • No particular change to consider.