Genero Mobile for Android (GMA) 4.01 changes

Modifications to consider when using the Genero Mobile for Androidâ„¢.


This topic describes feature changes in the GMA 4.01 product. See also the Mobile section in Genero BDL 4.01 New Features page.

GMA 4.01 with FGLGWS 4.01


The GMA version 4.01 is built on FGLGWS 4.01 and therefore, strongly tied to this Genero BDL version.

Need for JDK version 11

When upgrading to GMA 4.01.02, the minimum required JDK version is the LTS version 11.

For more details, see Install Genero Mobile for Android.

Cordova / Gradle compatibility

Starting with GMA 4.01.02, Cordova plugins need to be compatible with Gradle plugin version 7.2.1 and Gradle version 7.4.2. All Cordova plugin using outdated Gradle features need to be reviewed.

standard.playSound gets a wait parameter

Starting with GMA 4.01.02, the standard.playSound front call supports a second input parameter to force the front call to return immediately (FALSE), or wait until the sound has finished playing (TRUE).

For more details, see standard.playSound.

standard.playSound allows http/https URLs

Starting with GMA 4.01.02, the standard.playSound front call now supports sound files provided by URIs that take the form of http or https and that exist on the Web or on a private HTTP server. It is no longer required to set up the sound file as a resource on the GAS or programmatically put the file on the client.

For more details, see standard.playSound.

Changes in earlier versions

Make sure to check the upgrade notes of earlier versions, to not miss changes introduced in maintenance releases. For more details, see Changes in GMA 4.00 / BDL 4.00.

Notable changes introduced in maintenance releases: