Removal of Windows Container Interface (WCI)

The WCI is no longer supported.

Starting with version 4.00, the Windows Container Interface (WCI) is desupported. This feature was only available with the GDC front-end in native rendering mode.

The related ui.Interface methods to defined container/child relationship still exist, but are now deprecated, namely: setType(), getType(), setContainer(), getContainer(), getChildCount(), getChildInstances(). Programs using these APIs to define a WCI application can keep the code: The Window Container Interface (aka MDI) rendering is no longer available, but the getChildCount() and getChildInstance() methods still return the child counts, except when browserMultiPage=yes (with GAS/GBC) or when desktopMultiWindow=yes (with GDC/UR/GBC): In this case the methods return zero.

As a replacement for WCI, Genero provides the following user interface options:

  • When using the GAS and a web browser, the windows of all applications display by default in the same web browser tab, and the sidebar on the left allows you to toggle between applications. Note that this can be controlled with the UserInterface/browserMultiPage style attribute.
  • When using the GDC front-end on desktop, the UserInterface/desktopMultiWindow style attribute can be defined to render the windows of all applications in the same desktop window container, or in dedicated window containers.