Genero Mobile for iOS (GMI) 1.40 changes

Modifications to consider when using Genero Mobile for iOS.

Note: This topic describes features changes in the GMI 1.40 product. See also the Mobile section in Genero BDL 3.20 New Features page.

GMI 1.40 with FGLGWS 3.20

Important: The GMI version 1.40 is built on FGLGWS 3.20 and therefore, strongly tied to this Genero BDL version.

Specifying the GBC for Universal Rendering

Genero 3.20 introduces Universal Rendering based on the GBC web front-end.

The GBC to be bundled with the embedded app is specified with the new gmibuildtool option --gbc.

Minimum required iOS and Xcode® versions

Starting with GMI 1.40, the minimal version of the mobile OS must be iOS 11.

With GMI 1.40.02, Xcode 10 is required to build apps.

With GMI 1.40.05, Xcode 11 is required to build apps (for iOS 11, 12 and 13).

iOS 13 and HTTPS X509 certificates

Since iOS 13, if you need to perform HTTPS connections with GWS or web components, the server X509 certificates have to follow apple rules defined here:

iOS 13 dark mode and presentation styles

iOS 13 introduced the dark mode. By default, GMI 1.40.05 supports both light and dark modes with the correct system colors. For example, the rendering of RED, GREEN, BLUE and REVERSE FGL color attributes is adapted when the device uses dark mode.

However, if custom presentation style background and foreground colors are used, one may want to force the light mode. This can be achieved by setting the UIUserInterfaceStyle entry in your Info.plist file, in the <dict/> element:


Cordova plugins from the FOURJS Cordova Github

Before Genero 3.20, the Cordova plugins wrapper libraries and demos were shipped in the FGLGWS package (FGLDIR).

Cordova plugins, as well as demos and BDL wrapper libraries and demos, are now available from the FOURJS Cordova Github.

For more details, see Installing Cordova plugins.

New Cordova front calls listPlugins / getPluginInfo

Since Genero 3.20 / GMI 1.40, the new cordova.listPlugins and cordova.getPluginInfo front calls can be used to get information about Cordova plugins bundled with the app.

Returned barcode scan codes with mobile.scanBarCode front call

Since Genero 3.20 / GMI 1.40, the barcode reader used by GMI is a native built-in. Since then it matches also as close as possible with the GMA barcode types (using underscores). For more details on supported barcodes types, see mobile.scanBarCode.