IBM DB2 deferred prepare

The DB2 FGLPROFILE option to control deferred prepare is desupported.

Before Genero 3.20, the DB2 LUW ODI driver was setting the CLI statement attribute SQL_ATTR_DEFERRED_PREPARE to SQL_DEFERRED_PREPARE_OFF or SQL_DEFERRED_PREPARE_ON, depending on the db2.prepare.deferred FGLPROFILE parameter. By default, deferred prepare was disabled by the ODI driver to make BDL PREPARE and DECLARE instructions fail when the SQL statement contains errors, by forcing the DB2 CLI client library to send the SQL to the server at prepare time. However, the common practice these days is to improve performances by enabling deferred prepare, sending the SQL only at execution time (EXECUTE/OPEN/FOREACH):

dbi.database.mydbname.db2.prepare.deferred = true
Starting with Genero 3.20, the db2.prepare.deferred FGLPROFILE option is ignored: The driver will use the DB2 CLI settings. By default, with DB2 CLI, deferred prepare is ON. If needed, you can control this feature with the DeferredPrepare DB2 CLI configuration setting of the db2cli.ini file:
DeferredPrepare = 0