Sharing GLOBALS with C Extensions

Sharing of global variables with a C Extension is no longer supported.

Before Genero BDL version 3.20, it was possible to produce a .h and .c files with the -G option of fglcomp to share global variables with C Extensions:

fglcomp -G myglobals.4gl

This command produced the myglobals.h and myglobals.c files, which could be used to build the C Extension library and share global variables defined in the myglobals.4gl file.

New features of the BDL language have required to review internals and deny global variable sharing with C Extensions. In addition, this practice was not recommended as stated in previous versions of the documentation.

To migrate existing code, implement a C Extension module that defines static variables in the C module, and set/get functions to assign or read the value of these variables.