Oracle DB Proxy Authentication

Specifying a proxy user when connecting to Oracle® DB.

Oracle DB supports proxy authentication, a feature that allows a given DB user "A" to connect with the credentials of another DB user "B" and to be seen as user "A" for the rest of the SQL session.

In order to link a proxy user to another user, issue the following command:

An application can then connect with the credentials of proxy_user, and be identified as app_user during the SQL session.

See Oracle DB documentation for more details about proxy authentication.

Starting with Genero 3.10, it is possible to specify a "proxy client" at connection time, by using the /PROXY_CLIENT:user_name suffix in the user name parameter of the CONNECT TO instruction.

In the example, the application connects with the proxy user credentials, and the proxy client is defined as app_user:
CONNECT TO "myserver"
   USER "proxy_user/PROXY_CLIENT:app_user"
   USING "proxy_pswd"

A subsequent SELECT USER FROM dual would return "APP_USER".