Default resource file search path

Search rules for program resource files have been enhanced in 3.10.

Default search in application directory

Starting with version 3.10, if resource files such as .42f form files are not found in the current working directory, or in the directories specified in the FGLRESOURCEPATH environment variable, or in $FGLDIR/lib, the runtime system also does a lookup in the directory where the MAIN .42m module or the .42r program file resides.

As a result, if all program files are in the directory where the main program module resides, there is no need to set FGLRESOURCEPATH.

For more details about resource file directory search, see FGLRESOURCEPATH.

Form file path using absolute path

If the filename specified in OPEN FORM / OPEN WINDOW WITH FORM is an absolute path, the runtime system must not search for the form in FGLRESOURCEPATH.

Before version 3.10, to load a form file specified with an absolute path in OPEN FORM or OPEN WINDOW WITH FORM, the runtime system tried to find the file by appending the absolute path to the directories defined by FGLRESOURCEPATH.

This could end up in loading unexpected resource files.

For example, with:

OPEN FORM f FROM "/dir/form"

The form "/dir/form" was searched in each element of FGLRESOURCEPATH.

Since version 3.10, FGLRESOURCEPATH is only used, if the filename is not an absolute path.

For more details, see WITH FORM clause.