fglhint_* in SQL comments

Using SQL comment hints to control statement execution.

Starting with version 3.10, you can now specify fglhint_* keywords in C-style SQL comments, to give an indication to the database driver about the type of SQL statement to be executed.


C-style SQL comments can only be used in dynamic SQL statements and SQL blocks.

For example, to force an INSERT statement to be treated as a regular SELECT returning a result set, use the fglhint_select hint in a C-style comment:
   FROM "/* fglhint_select */ INSERT INTO table1 OUTPUT INSERTED.* SELECT * FROM customers"

If you are using /* */ comments, these will now be parsed and any unknown keyword will be ignored: Comments such as /* INSERT */ or /* SELECT */ must be replaced by /* fglhint_insert */ and /* fglhint_select */ respectively.

Furthermore, Informix® emulation can be disabled with the fglhint_no_ifxemul hint.