Database drivers changes

New and desupported database drivers.

New database server versions supported in Genero 3.10:

Support for new database server releases, with existing ODI drivers:
  • PostgreSQL 10 is supported with the existing dbmpgs_9 driver (linked to
Support for new database server and client releases with new ODI drivers:
  • Microsoft® ODBC for SQL Server v13 (dbmsnc_13) and v17 (dbmsnc_17).
  • Oracle® MySQL 5.7 (dbmmys_5_7) and MySQL 8.0 (dbmmys_8_0).
  • Oracle 12c on macOS® with dbmora_12.
  • MariaDB 10.2 with dbmmdb_10_2.
  • SAP HANA® 2.0 database with dbmhdb_2.

Databases / ODI drivers desupported in Genero 3.10:

Database drivers for old database client versions are removed in accordance with DB vendor de-support plans:

  • SQL Server 2005 / SQL Native Client V9 (dbmsnc_9).

  • Oracle MySQL 5.1.x (dbmmys_5_1)