With ON ACTION INFIELD, a BUTTONEDIT action is now always considered as a field-qualified action.

Before version 3.10, when implementing the action handler for a BUTTONEDIT action with ON ACTION action-name INFIELD field-name, it was mandatory to add the "field-name." prefix in the ACTION attribute, to make the button always active, even when the focus was not in the field:
-- Form file:
BUTTONEDIT f1 = customer.cust_city, ACTION = cust_city.zoom;

-- Program file:
ON ACTION zoom INFIELD cust_city

When specifying only the action name in the ACTION attribute, the BUTTONEDIT button was only enabled when the focus was in the field. However, this is not the expected behavior of a BUTTONEDIT button.

Starting with Genero 3.10, the expected behavior is now implicitly achieved, even when the field name is not specified in the ACTION attribute:
BUTTONEDIT f1 = customer.cust_city, ACTION = zoom;

For more details see Field-specific actions (INFIELD clause), BUTTONEDIT item type.