Runtime error raised when report dimensions are invalid

Report page length checking error -4375 might occur at compile time or runtime.

Several fixes related to PAGE LENGTH error -4375 have been done in subsequent releases.

Below is the history of changes for this report definition error:

  1. Version 2.40 fixes bug FGL-3035: A START REPORT instruction raises error -4375 at runtime, when the top/bottom margin sizes do not fit the page length. In this version, the error is not returned at compile time, because report dimensions can be specified with variables in START REPORT.
  2. Version 2.50.00 fixes bug FGL-3711: The compiler also raises error -4375, if PAGE LENGTH is too short to cover the specified page header and trailer lengths.
  3. Version 2.51.07 fixes bug FGL-651: FIRST PAGE HEADER blocks can have the same number of rows as the PAGE LENGTH.
  4. Version 2.50.26 fixes bug FGL-4223: Reports with PAGE LENGTH = 1 TOP MARGING 0 BOTTOM MARGIN 0 are often used to produce reports without any page formatting. A page length of 1 denies printing in PAGE HEADER and PAGE TRAILER. However, it is possible to print any number of lines in FIRST PAGE HEADER and ON LAST ROW is possible.