Web Services changes

There are changes in support of web services in Genero 2.20.

Migration to 2.20 on client side

If migrating a GWS client application to version 2.20, you need to regenerate all client stubs in your application using the fglwsdl tool.


This is mandatory. The regenerated code is based on low-level COM and XML APIs and is completely different from versions prior to 2.1x. If you do not regenerate your client stubs, you will not be able to execute the code.

Backward compatibility option -compatibility

When using a Genero 2.2x runner for the GWS client application, you must:

  1. Regenerate the GWS client stubs using the -compability option of the fglwsdl tool, so the function prototypes will be compatible:
    fglwsdl -compatibility -o NewClientstub http://localhost:8090/MyCalculator?WSDL
  2. Compile the GWS client stubs and re-link the client application (.42r).

Renamed options

The http_invoketimeout and tcp_connectiontimeout options have been respectively renamed as readwritetimeout and connectiontimeout, as they are now available for either HTTP or TCP protocol. While the old option names remain for backward compatibility, using the new option names is strongly recommended.

Moved options

xml_ignoretimezone and xml_usetypedefinition options were part of the com.WebServiceEngine class. They have been moved to the xml.Serializer class, which groups functions on serialization.