Writing timestamp information in p-code modules

A compilation timestamp is no longer automatically written to p-code files, when the source code is not modified.

Before release 2.10, the 42m p-code files were stamped with a compilation timestamp. This information changed after every compilation, even if the source code was not modified.

Since 2.10, the timestamp information is no longer written to p-code files by default, allowing 42m file comparison, checksum creation, or storage of 42m file in versioning tools. Version 2.11.05, provides the fglcomp --timestamp option to force a timestamp in p-code modules:

$ fglcomp --timestamp mymodule.4gl
$ fglrun -b mymodule.42m
2008-12-24 11:22:33 2.11.05-1169.84 /home/devel/stores/mymodule.4gl 15