SQL directive set removed

The SQL directive set specification has been removed.

Before version 2.00, it was possible to define SQL directive sets in FGLPROFILE:

dbi.sqldirset.set-name.directive.directive-name.{deflist|substrg} = "value"
With this feature, one could write SQL statement with database specific syntax, to be adapted at runtime depending on the target database type:
-- substrg directive:
dbi.sqldirset.ora.directive.trunc.substrg = "TRUNCATE(\'$(1)\')"
"SELECT * FROM customer WHERE {% trunc custname} = ?"

-- ifdef directive:
dbi.sqldirset.ifx.directive.ifdef.deflist = "INFORMIX"
dbi.sqldirset.ora.directive.ifdef.deflist = "ORACLE,ANSI"

 || " {% ifdef INFORMIX "\"t1, OUTER(t2)\"}"
 || " {% ifdef ORACLE \"t1, t2\"}"
 || " WHERE t1.key = t2.col1 {% ifdef ORACLE \"(+)\"}"
To improve performances, a global switch could be used to disable SQL statement parsing for SQL directives:
dbi.sql.directives = { true | false }

Starting with version 2.00, SQL directive sets are no longer supported. Consider writing SQL statements with a syntax that is supported by all target database servers, or use dynamic SQL if you need to adapt the SQL syntax to the database type.