Schema extraction tool changes

The fgldbsch schema extractor is recommended, and has been enhanced.

Unique tool

Version prior to 2.00 two schema extractors were provided: fglschema and fgldbsch. The first one can only extract schemas from Informix® databases, while the second one can extract schemas from all supported databases.

Starting with version 2.00, the fgldbsch tool has been extended to support the old fglschema options, and fglschema has been replaced by a simple script calling fgldbsch. When you call fglschema, you actually call fgldbsch. We recommend that you use fgldbsch with its specific command line options.

System tables

In 2.0x, fgldbsch does not extract system tables by default. You must specify the -st option to get the system tables description in the schema files.

Remote synonyms

The original fglschema tool searched for remote synonyms with Informix databases. The fgldbsch tool of version 2.00 does not search for remote synonyms.

Public and private synonyms

Since version 1.32.1b (build 620.313), fgldbsch does not extract private synonyms anymore. Only public synonyms are extracted. The .sch schema files do not contain table owners, and if two private synonyms have the same names, there is no way to distinguish them in the schema files. Therefore, to avoid any mistakes, private synonyms are not extracted anymore.