Linking the utility functions library

All utility functions are in the libfgl4js.42x library, up until 2.21.

Prior to version 2.00, some utility functions (canvas draw* and database db_* functions) were linked automatically to the 42r program when using fglrun -l or fgllink. These functions are implemented in the fgldraw.4gl and fgldbutl.4gl modules, which were linked in the libfgl.42x library and loaded automatically at runtime by fglrun.

Starting with version 2.00, all utility functions are now in the libfgl4js.42x library. So, if you use the draw* or db_* utility functions, you must now add the libfgl4js.42x library explicitly when using fglrun -l or fgllink, or you can use the fgl2p tool to link .42r programs. The fgl2p tool links the program with the libfgl4js.42x library by default.

Starting with version 2.21, the libfgl.42x library is no longer provided.