GRID item type

Defines a layout area based on a grid of cells.

GRID item basics

A GRID form item defines an area in the layout section to place children form items by X,Y position in layout cells.

Defining an GRID

The GRID container declares a formatted text block defining the dimensions and the positions of the form items contained in the grid.

You can specify the position of labels, form fields for data entry or additional interactive objects such as buttons.

A GRID container can hold static text, item tags, field tags, hbox tags, and layout tags to define other containers such as TABLE, TREE and SCROLLGRID.

A GRID can hold form items such as labels, fields, or buttons at a specific position. Form items are located with item tags in the grid layout area. You can use layout tags to place some type of containers inside a grid.

Front-ends support different presentation and behavior options, which can be controlled by a STYLE attribute. For more details, see Style attributes common to all elements.

Where to use a GRID

A GRID form item must be defined as a GRID container in a LAYOUT tree.

See also Grid-based layout.