VALUEMIN attribute

The VALUEMIN attribute defines a lower limit of values displayed in widgets (such as progress bars).


VALUEMIN = integer
  1. integer is a integer literal.


This attribute is typically used to define the lower limit in PROGRESSBAR, SPINEDIT and SLIDER fields.

Default values for VALUEMIN/VALUEMAX depend on the type of the widget:
  • For a PROGRESSBAR, the default is VALUEMIN=0, VALUEMAX=100.
  • For a SLIDER, the default is VALUEMIN=0, VALUEMAX=5.
  • For a SPINEDIT, there is no default.

This attribute is not used by the runtime system to validate the field. Use the INCLUDE attribute to control value boundaries.


For maximum security, when the data is stored in a database, define a CHECK constraint on the SQL column corresponding to the field, in order to allow only values matching the VALUEMIN / VALUEMAX attributes, when an INSERT or UPDATE statement is executed.


SLIDER s01 = FORMONLY.slider01,