SCROLL attribute

The SCROLL attribute can be used to enable horizontal scrolling in a character field.




By default, the maximum data input length is defined by the width of the item-tag of the field. For example, if you define a CHAR field in the form with a length of 3 characters, users can only enter a maximum of 3 characters, even if the program variable used for input is a CHAR(20).

If you want to let the user input more characters than the width of the item-tag of the field, use the SCROLL attribute.

The SCROLL attribute applies only to fields with character data input.

Use the SCROLL attribute only when the layout of the form does not allow for defining an item tag that is large enough to hold all possible character string data that fits in the corresponding program variable. Understand that the end user can miss a part of the displayed data when the field is too small. Therefore, times when you would need to use the SCROLL attribute are rare.

For more details about field input length, see Input length of form fields.