KEY attribute

The KEY attribute is used to define the labels of keys when the field is made current.


KEY keyname = [%]"label"
  1. keyname is the name of a key ( like F10, "Control-z" ).
  2. label is the text to be displayed in the button corresponding to the key.


Use the KEY attribute to define a label for the accelerator key corresponding to an action when the focus is in the field.

The keyname must be specified in quotes if you want to use Control / Shift / Alt key modifiers.

See the KEYS section to define key labels for the whole form.


This feature is supported for backward compatibility. Consider using action attributes to define accelerator keys and decorate actions.


EDIT f001 =, KEY F10 = "City list";
EDIT f002 = customer.state, KEY "Control-z" = "Open Zoom";